Friday, January 9, 2009

Something Wicked This Way Comes

I just got back from Games Workshop, and I got a chance to read the new Lizzie Codex.  Now I know what direction I'm taking the Lizards.  A few alterations, but mostly the same.  Slann Generations are gone, now.  Also, the Jaguar Charm is gone, so no more Nike-Saurus.  

There's a tournament in February... I might try and speed paint some more goblins, or might just take the old style Lizards.  

And now here's some Lizards for you:

Here's some skinks, along with a Chameleon:

Here are my two skink priests (L to R: Lemmy and Tupac):

One of my Kroxigors:

And Ottoman, Himself:

So, there ya go. Tupac was converted from a warchief using green stuff, I have 4 Kroxigors, one of which I painted as an albino.

The Chameleon is decorated with some stuff I got from petland discounts for $4, while GW sells the same shit for $50.

Til next time!


  1. where is the tourney at? i might be interested in going if chris goes.

  2. I'm going, and I will bring my dwarfs!!!!

    When are you free this week? I'm at Dana's on Tuesday night but txt me if you want to play Wed. or Thurs. (I need to practice with the Dwarfs)