Saturday, March 28, 2009

Still on the Rise

Alright, so I just finished assembling and painting a Giant for my Goblins and the new Engine of the Gods for the Ottoman Empire. No pics, I just realized the battery on my camera died. Basically here's what the Osama bin Goblin Army consists of (no points calculated, just the gist):

Skarsnik and Gobbla

Big Boss

A LOT of night goblins, units of 24, with a character filling the 25th spot. One unit of 49, with the Big Boss in it. One unit of 20 archers.
One unit of Forest Goblin Spider Riders.

A bunch of Spear Chukkas, I'm thinking 4.

2 giants.

And so far, I have 9 fanatics. I think that may be enough, but I need to play test it. As always I am accepting challenges. And as always, I probably won't get any.