Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pewter Blister Packs

Ok, so can someone tell me why they make 20-piece pewter pieces with no instructions, yet my freaking SKINKS came with instructions. If I put one thing on, I can't put a head on. I put the head on, I cant put the arms on. How is this supposed to be assembled? Using 4 hands simultaneously?

I HATE assembling. that is the worst part of this hobby for me. I like to paint and play, that's it. Assembling is just a taste of how freaking CHEAP a company can be. It comes in 20 pieces to give you a false sense of customization. It comes with 2 hands, and 2 feet. How is that customization? I understand there are people that enjoy this aspect of the game, fine. But I don't think it's necessary to have a friggin 20 piece saurus hero. I would pay an extra $10 to have these come assembled in a box.

Oh yeah, that's right... I DID pay an extra $10 for it to come assembled. And it's STILL in 10 pieces because none of the pieces fit and when you leave them sitting on a table, they start crumbling down.

OOOOOOOOH, RIIIIGHT! Games workshop also sells equipment to bolt things together. So why should pieces fit? You should go out and buy their freaking bolt kit.



  1. My friend, that's a Jon Job. Look on ebay, a lot of stuff you can get cheaper then retail, and it's assembled. Also check bartertown, you could find good deals there as well. And as for the pins, go with Gale Force 9, I never had to pin anything but people sware by it. I'll need to pin shit too soon, but it's a suprise (Boo! Haunted House)

  2. welcome to games workshop! they didn't give you the vaseline when you walked through the door? wow they really are cutting back. looks like raw anal for you my friend.