Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Quick Update!

Alright, so I've decided to put the Ottoman Empire on a hiatus until the new Lizardmen book comes out.  I don't want to play an outdated army... especially since one of my most important magic items (Jaguar Charm) is being taken away, and one of my favorite units (Salamander Hunting Pack) is being changed up, and so many things are being added.  I don't wanna put any more time and money into it until I know I can play a tourney legal army, seeing as how this is my competitive army.

So until February 9th, 2009... I will be finishing up my goblin army.  I'm gonna go pick up some supplies, maybe later today or tomorrow.  

Basically what I'm going for is outnumbering and annoying my opponent.  I'm going to intentionally have too many fanatics on the board, creating a sort of randomness that no opponent could have accounted for.  It could kill them, it could kill me.  Like I said before:  It's for fun.  I'm going to have a lot of shooting, a little bit of Little WAAGH! and a bunch of goblins escorting fanatics.

I leave you with a picture of what I have for the Goblin army so far.  It's basically what came with Skull Pass plus I bought fanatics.

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