Monday, December 29, 2008


Yeah so I just spent like, almost an hour writing a really cool intro blog, and it got fxcking deleted because apparently all images need to be on the top, or some stupid crap.

Long story short now:
  • I'm Charlie
  • This blog is Warhammer Fantasy Battle
  • My first army (ogre kingdom) retired with a 50/50 record cuz my cousin (who made fun of ogres when I told him about my army >:( ) made an Ogre Kingdom army.
  • I play Lizardmen competitively and Goblins casually.
  • Lizards are Ottoman Empire, named after my gecko, Otto, who is also the namesake of my general (Slann Mage Priest). 
  • Goblins are going to have ZERO orcs. All goblins. Totally for fun.

Don't have army lists for either yet, and I haven't played yet. Looking forward to some challenges.

And finally... here's Otto (real and fantasy):

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